Welcome to the Team Harvey Manning - Fighter

I am delighted to welcome onto the squad as a brand ambassador Harvey Manning, an exciting up and coming young boxer who has the real potential to go all the way.

Like many up and coming athletes, sometimes all you need is a little break and before you know it your a contender for a belt.

Harvey is a naturally gifted fighter looking to progress through the ranks and is goal is to get one the Team GB Olympic squad for boxing. He would then like to take up a career in boxing as a professional fighter.

He got into boxing through his dad at a tender age of 5 years old and when he was 14 got into it in a big way.

Harvey currently fights out of the amazing 7 Hills Boxing Academy run by an amazing coach and ex professional fighter Gareth Hogg.


Like all the fighters Harvey is training hard and getting through his workouts using Nvrenuf protein, the nvrenuf aminos during training and the powerful punch packing C3-AR creatine.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with Harvey's progress as the world hopefully returns to normal soon.


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