The NVRENUF Squad gets a new Ambassador

It's great to see so many women getting into the NVRENUF Sports Supplement range and loving the results.

I am pretty well blessed to meet some amazing individuals every day and have some amazing athletes as friends through my job.

For nearly a year now I have been hearing about this woman from the North East of England with massive potential and skills as a boxer so I had to find out more.

So after a year I am delighted to welcome Kerry Haley to one of the most exciting sports nutrition teams around.

Kerry started boxing around 4 years ago after her mum had cruelly passed away to breast cancer at the young age of only 46. It was the day after Kerry's 26th birthday.

Kerry was understandably devastated and decided to sign up for a charity boxing event, where proceeds went to cancer research. Kerry had always loved watching boxing but had never had the opportunity to try and it proved to be a great move.

After that first fight Kerry never looked back, she quickly moved on to fight in an Ultra Boxing Championship which was no head guards and only 12oz gloves.

Kerry's coach was so impressed with Kerry and suggested she think about competing as an amateur, so as a person with little self belief, Kerry started her amateur boxing career in October 2018.

She breezed through her first 3 fights to get Silver Medal in the Development Championships.

She then got to the finals again getting silver in the Winter Boxing Cup and this was only in her first year as a boxer against seasoned fighters.

Finally in the following Year Kerry got Gold Medal in the Haringey Boxing Cup where she then received an invite down to the Sheffield England Institute of Sport, Home of Great Britain Boxing. This is where Kerry got her first taste of The Lions Den the female boxing program.

Like all the NVRENUF Fighters, all were poised for great things before Covid 19 appeared on the scene. Kerry like the others are training harder than ever, getting their nutrition and supplements spot on, so when they are allowed to fight again, they are going to cause a scene, trust me on this.

Kerry has had the opportunity to fight all over the country in her first season due to her amazing attitude and natural ability to box.

Kerry's favourite products are Nvrenuf Ultimate Impact Pre workout (Mad Woman), the Aminos for in training and the protein for after training.

Welcome to the Squad Kerry, we are delighted to have you on board and are excited to see just what your future boxing career has in store.


  • Posted On November 01, 2020 by Neil Martin

    Cracking talent,, one to watch,, trains hard and always wants to learn.

  • Posted On November 01, 2020 by John,Carole Graven

    Kerry is very special person to us it is our son Carl’s girlfriend she has been a part of our family for a long time she is very hard working and whatever she wants in life she goes for it go Kerry xx

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