Charlie Brentnall Bikini Athlete and Model

We are delighted to introduce yet another incredible athlete to the Brand Ambassador squad for NVRENUF Nutrition.

Charlie has always been into sport ever since she was a young girl having grown up with two older brothers . When Charlie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 18 she became increasingly worried about gaining weight due to lack of mobility and the medication.

So Charlie decided to get into CrossFit but found it was too much on her joints, which was incredibly depressing. Then she went and watched a friends friend compete in NABBA at Exeter corn exchange and thats when she decided to bite the bullet and give it a go.

She joined a local Gym in Exeter and started weight training and competed in her first bodybuilding competition in 2015, pure elite originally prepped by a local personal trainer but changed to myself as coach six weeks out and placed 4th in bikini short. Pretty amazing for someone with Rheumatoid Arthritis in their first ever Bikini Show.

Charlie had the bug and so competed a week later in UKUP at Exeter University where she placed 3rd in both bikini short and theme wear.

Unfortunately for Charlie, the Arthritis was getting worse and had to have two operations after that. She had key hole and open surgery on her left knee due to issues around her arthritis, removal of the synovial lining. 

However this is the calibre of NVRENUF Ambassadors, they NVR GVE UP and genuinely inspire people. So a huge two years after her first competition Charlie was back on stage again, this time in Ireland and walked away with two 1st places in theme wear and bikini.

Charlie then changed direction slightly and moved into doing  fitness modelling shoots and the goal is to build a portfolio, as she is currently a free lance model. So any companies looking for an incredibly positive, fitness orientated and genuinely beautiful person, do get in touch with Charlie.

I asked Charlie what was next for her as she has overcome adversity and inspired so many people along the way.

Charlie told me, "my goal is to walk away with a pro card in 2021 after this years competition plans fell on its head due to Covid -building my own fitness business alongside my job in the police -fitness isn’t just about looking good, it’s my therapy for my condition and my mental health, want to influence and help others. With the help of positive people around me and my favourite never enough products raspberry ripple whey protein Strawberry and lime pre workout and of course the amazing Mega shreds to keep me in condition all year round".

Personal note from Mark Hamilton, I had the absolute pleasure of crossing paths with Charlie 6 weeks out from her first comp and she was incredible, She listened, she questions things she didn't understand and she had the guts to stand on that stage and show off an amazing physique. I love the way she inspires others and tries to empower others with self confidence and positivity. Its been 5 years in the waiting, but I am over the moon to be able to welcome Charlie to the NVRENUF Squad as an Ambassador for the Brand.



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