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New Member to the Squad.

Dawid Chrysafis We would like to welcome a new member to the expanding Nvrenuf Squad -Dawid Chrysafis a 24 year old  competitive powerlifter.  Dawid tell's us a little more about himself. I am passionately obsessed with powerlifting. I simply cannot get enough of it no matter how painful each session is or how I feel. Each rep and set counts. I have got to say a huge thank you to Russell Walker for helping me on this journey with his outstanding passion and great knowledge as well as for believing in me. As well as Mark Hamilton for sponsorship me and taking me on board of NVRENUF squad. I haven’t been in this sport for long as some others, but...

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Sam Strongman Parker Joins the NVRENUF Squad

I am personally delighted to welcome to Nvrenuf Squad a great friend and amazing all round strongman Sam Parker of Phat Muscle Coaching, check him out on line. I actually started working with Sam on his supplements and nutrition when he was just getting, at the time, into the bodybuilding scene. It has been amazing for me to see him achieve some crazy strong achievements on his journey to now. Sam Parker is a former powerlifting champion, most famous for being the first lifter in the UK to total 1000kg raw, can you even begin to imagine that? In addition to nearly 2 decades experience in the gym, Sam also has alot of experience competing in grip sport and strongman. Since...

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