New Member to the Squad.

Dawid Chrysafis

We would like to welcome a new member to the expanding Nvrenuf Squad -Dawid Chrysafis a 24 year old  competitive powerlifter. 

Dawid tell's us a little more about himself.

I am passionately obsessed with powerlifting. I simply cannot get enough of it no matter how painful each session is or how I feel. Each rep and set counts. I have got to say a huge thank you to Russell Walker for helping me on this journey with his outstanding passion and great knowledge as well as for believing in me. As well as Mark Hamilton for sponsorship me and taking me on board of NVRENUF squad.
I haven’t been in this sport for long as some others, but I have to say that it has been almost three years well spent training powerlifting, as I have tried many different sports and it seems that powerlifting is the one, the most dangerous sport for me is the most beautiful one at the same time, why is I am putting my whole energy to it.
I am planning staying in this sport for a long time, because I believe that each year regardless, progress will be made. Hence why I am shooting for big numbers in this sport and I know that soon enough I will be able to achieve them.
Knowledge is power is quote we all heard and I can confidently say that it does apply to real life and everything that I do in it. Having done several courses in fitness from massage to nutrition, including BSc (Bachelor) degree in coaching it is paying off very well, it is paying off and getting me prepared for my MSc (Masters) in Applied Sports Psychology from September 2022.
My first unofficial competition was on 29th August 2021, I took second place overall with a 575Kg total at 85Kg bodyweight.
My first official competition was done on 11th of December 2021 (A/BPU South West Qualifiers), with a total of 595Kg at 86Kg bodyweight. I took first place in my category, and best overall ABPU lifter of the day.
The most recent was done on 19Th of February 2022 (A/BPU South West Qualifiers), with a total of 622.5Kg at 90Kg bodyweight. I took first place in my category.
As you can see by the numbers Dawids form is very impressive and has one of the most structured supplement and nutritional programs of all of the powerlifters i have met.
Dawids drive and focus is unrelenting and he genuinely feels anything is achievable.
Dawid Joins a very strong Nvrenuf Powerlifting squad including
Rob Doneathy (British, European and World Champion and World record breaker),
Alan Davis (several times British, European and World champion and world record breaker),
Marcus Shave (British and  European Champion),
Julia Mills (British Strongwoman champion),
Steve Davis (British Champion),
Frankie Dennis (British and European Champion)
Sam Parker (One of the strongest deadlifters in the world)
There is quite a formidable team there so there must be something in our supplements that make you super strong.

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