Sam Strongman Parker Joins the NVRENUF Squad

I am personally delighted to welcome to Nvrenuf Squad a great friend and amazing all round strongman Sam Parker of Phat Muscle Coaching, check him out on line.

I actually started working with Sam on his supplements and nutrition when he was just getting, at the time, into the bodybuilding scene. It has been amazing for me to see him achieve some crazy strong achievements on his journey to now.

Sam Parker is a former powerlifting champion, most famous for being the first lifter in the UK to total 1000kg raw, can you even begin to imagine that?

In addition to nearly 2 decades experience in the gym, Sam also has alot of experience competing in grip sport and strongman.

Since retiring from competitive lifting, Sam has moved onto focusing on coaching athletes, and while he specialises in strength sports he also take on clients for any sport that requires a strength and conditioning program.

Sam will always have a huge amount of passion for lifting and enjoy seeing and helping others do well in their chosen sport. 

Sam has been using Nverenuf products since the launch in 2019 and has seen remarkable changes in his own body composition during that time.

As for his current personal goals, Sam is focusing on rebuilding his strength at a much lighter bodyweight than he used to compete at.

The best thing is Sam told me he wouldn't rule out stepping back on the platform in the future when I feel the right, which would be insane as he is possibly pound for pound stronger than ever.

Watch Sam and Eddie Hall dumbell pressing 100kg Dumbells where Sam does a 1 armed 100kg dumbell press. insane.

Check Sam out on face book or instagram to follow his progress and he will work with clients online so if you want the best from your strength and powerlifting, Sam is your man 100%.

Sams Nvrenuf Nutrition supplement stack is as follows

NVRENUF Cardarine and Osterine  x 3 each per day

Nvrenuf Aminos taken throughout the long workouts

Nvrenuf Protein in between meals and after workouts

Nvrenuf C3-AR creatine complex twice a day.

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