Strong woman Julia Mills joins the Nvrenuf Squad


I am honoured to have yet another British record holder, European Champion and Competitor in the Worlds Strongest Woman become an ambassador to the Nvrenuf Nutrition Range.

Julia Mills is simply mad about lifting and competing in the strength sports - both powerlifting and strongman.Her greatest achievement to date was winning Europe's Strongest Woman (ms) last summer, then going on to compete at World's Strongest Woman.

In powerlifting, Julia currently hold the British record in the under 67.5kg weight class with a total of 517.5kg which is absolutely insane and she has actually pulled a deadlift of  over 500 lbs in competition.

Julia has not stopped working throughout lockdown and I'm cant wait to get back on to the platform and putting up a big total later this year.

Alongside competing, like us at Nvrenuf Nutrition, Julia is a  huge advocate of encouraging both men and women to get in the gym as she believes it improves both mental and physical wellbeing.

After spending a morning with Julia recently, on a rare visit down to the South West, it was obvious to me what a wealth of nutritional knowledge Julia has and she  provide's online coaching and nutrition plans to help peak performance and change body composition as-well as a one to one PT service where we can focus on technical excellence and proficiency.

Having competed for a few years now, Julia has a great background in what it takes for an athlete to progress and perform at a high level and really smash their personal goals.

Julia kindly said the following when asked about the nvrenuf Nutrition range, "I've been using Nvrenuf products since the launch in 2019 and probably the best thing I like is Mark's range of knowledge and the fact he can make a bespoke supplement range to peak my performance and recovery. The products themselves are super high quality and very importantly properly dosed so you get maximum effect".

I am sure you will join me on wishing Julia continued success at the highest level possible and hopefully we can get back to some sort of normality next year and see her clean up in the powerlifting and strongwoman competitions.

Check out Julia on social media to follow her progress or sign up for some coaching.


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