NVRENUF Fighter going on the WORLD STAGE.

Thats right guys, we are delighted to announce our amazing Professional Martial Artist Toby "Wardog" Bindon is going global.

Literally Millions of fight fans around the world will be tuning in when the 27 year old makes his Bare knuckle boxing debut next month.

He’s been matched with former gloved pro boxer Joe Vaughan on a show that will be screened on pay-per-view in more than 30 countries on Saturday, March 27.
Toby told me: “I’m young, I want to fight and I want to make a name for myself.
“The fact the show is being shown in so many countries around the world really lights my fire.
“I’m looking to have exciting fights. I’m an aggressive pressure fighter and I love having a war. It brings out the best in me when my back’s against the wall. The harder the fight is, the more it suits me.
Toby is hungry for this fight and believe me he will make fight fans around the world to know his name.”
He took the fight with Vaughan after Dean ‘Smudger’ Smith pulled out with a back injury.
Toby will be faceing Vaughan, a Londoner who had five professional gloved fights behind him, so a worthy opponent.
“Coming from a boxing background will have its advantages,” said Bindon, “but my style has its advantages as well.
“In bare knuckle boxing, it comes down to who wants it the most, who has the greater will power".
“It’s been 10 months since I last fought and I’m raring to go.”
I am sure you will all join me in wishing Toby all the best for this incredible opportunity to put his name on the world stage and make him, his family and everyone involved with him very proud indeed.
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The fight its self will be streamed on an App which is available on any smart TV. The event is called BKBtm live on PPV.

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