A lot can happen in 12 months - Joe Larmans story..

So meet Joe Larman, a power lifter with some serious determination. A Year ago to the day, 12 long months ago Joe came out of hospital in a wheel chair after a major hip operation caused by powerlifting. It was just one of those things, and Joe was told to give up the sport he loved.

That weekend Joe hobbled into Atlas Gym in Paignton and started training a few boodypart around his major reconstruction. Powerlifters he knew told him to give it up, the doctors told him to give it up and he was a very lost soul heading for the depths of depression.

This is when Joe's and Sam Parker's path took a turn and with the encouragement of Sam Joe strted the long road back to compeition fitness.

Joe came to speak to me shortly after at NVRENUF HQ and we talked diet and supplements for health, recovery and general wellness. We talked about CBD, plant based protein, diet, fish oils, Vitamins and the scene was set.

Joe is a man who sets himself massive goals, like all the NVRENUF Powerlifters, and he told me he was going to compete within the year. He ended up doing it to the day.

With Sam Parker #Phatmusclecoaching as his coach and Junior Powerlifter, Marcus Shave as his training partner they had the plan in place,

2 weeks out from competition and Joe was hitting over 900kg totals and his turnaround had been miraculous.

On the day of his lifts he had all the pressure on him as expectations were so high. NVRENUF Athlete Rob Doneathy had just absolutely smashed 3 records the week before, Marcus Shave convincingly won the day before, so the stage was set.

On the warm ups joe was squating 180kg's and suddenly felt a niggle in his Glute, there wasn't really time to think about it as he was called to stage. On Squatting 340kg his left glute tore. This left Joe with a huge dilema, he needed to pull a total of 645kg to qualify but he could hardly walk, never mind lift.

This is where real character shows, it would have been the easiest thing in the world to pull out of the competition, no one would have argued with that decision. This is where the NVRENUF brand stands out from many others, its for people who Never Give Up..

So with no leg drive Joe got on the bench and moved what felt like a mountain. His technique was obviously compromised and he had to grit his teeth and take the pain, there was not another option, Do or Die! So Joe managed a staggering 210kg Bench leaving him with a 100kg deadlift to qualify for the British Finals.

Can you imagine lifting 100kg with a ripped Glute?

I am delighted to say that Joe story will continue.....He pulled the 100kg and qualified with gritted teeth and determination. We now have 12 weeks to get Joe fixed and ready for the British Finals with the other NVRENUF Powerlifters.

Joe's NVRENUF Regeme was Pure Protein, C3-AR Complex, Radical and Drol.

I spoke to Joe today and he was in great spirits and ready for the next stage of his incredible journey.


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  • Posted On March 03, 2020 by Shazz

    Great guy stubborn as they come but that’s u..u will go far and u have more positive things to come

  • Posted On March 03, 2020 by Holly

    Joe is an amazing person so passionate about what he does and pushing people to their limit and beyond. This guy will go so far and do him self and the people who he carrys on his journey so proud… in proud yo know him and love him.

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