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Do you want to get shredded?

This product is currently available to buy for research purposes only but it looks incredible. Here is a product that can potentially Shed Body Fat Fast Increase Endurance Lower Cholesterol Reduce Inflammation Boost Cardiovascular health Preserve muscle mass Increase Metabolic Rate Reduce Anxiety Men and Women can use   What is SR9009 SR9009, more popularly known as Stenabolic, originated from the lab of Scripps Research Institute’s own Professor Thomas Burris. Although it’s affiliated with SARMS, SR9009 is rather a Rev-ErbA agonist drug. Did I already confuse you? Basically, the protein Rev-ErbA is found in the brain, liver, skeletal muscle, and body fat and it plays a role in one’s circadian rhythm.   Now for the kicker! The Stenabolic compound affects this...

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