NVRENUF Heavyweight Power house smashes records in latest competition.

So I have the absolute genuine pleasure of dealing with some incredible athletes, representing many types of sports. Just over 4 weeks ago I was chatting to a very good friend of mine who owns one of the best powerlifting gyms in the south west, SPARTA.

Rob Doneathy could be described as a walking mountain at sround 6 foot 7inches and 25 stone of muscle mass.

As we were both about the same age, we were chatting about loss of motivation and needing challenges in life to keep that all important spark alive in us. As Rob was casually benching 200kg regularly in training and squatting 300kg I suggested he entered one of the powerlifting competitions that were on in the region. We knew The Barnstaple BPU Powerlifting competition was a few weeks away, but it is very professionally run and organized.

Rob agreed and we started talking last minute supplements from the NVRENUF Nutrition range like the creatine and the protein complex along with a few other products like DROL.

I am delighted to announce that Mr Doneathy got a last minute entry at the BPU qualifier.

Not only did he qualify he

broke the M3 British bench record 3 times ,

broke the squat record,

and the the overall total, cross federation records in one competition.

I am sure you will all join me in saying a massive congratulations on what is a story book journey.

I for one look forward to the next chapter.


Well done my good friend.


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